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How to Search

For simple search use the Keyword option which processes search in the entire text of the records. If you wish to find a specific term, insert it between quotation marks, for example ‘St Andrew’. To find terms included in the title of the print, use the Title field. In case you know the exact inventory number, enter it into the Inventory Number field (for the correct formats of our inventory numbers, see the small blue info icon above). School and Period searches function with controlled terms, listed in a drop-down menu. Production People contains all names related to the print (printmaker, inventor, publisher etc.), also listed in a drop-down menu; you can browse or begin typing it in the field. Once a name is selected, search can be narrowed in a pop-up window. It is certainly possible to select several names, and their relation will be AND in your search. If you would like to search by technique, simply enter the term in the Technique field. Provenance drop-down menu contains all related collectors’ names which may be found similarly to Production People. In References you can search records by their basic references: the first line includes the abbreviation of the catalogues, the second line is to search by volumes, page numbers, and catalogue numbers etc. (for their format see the small blue icon above).

Obviously, the more fields are filled in, the narrower results are received. The relation of the given terms is always AND during the search. In order to modify your search, change the content of the relevant field(s); for a completely new search click Clear Form.

In order to avoid character encoding problems we limited the use of accented letters.


Selecting Results

The catalogue can display results in two different views, which may be selected by the small icons upper right. List View is suitable for general use, and contains images and basic data. If you wish to browse through images, switch to Only Images mode. Complete records can be reached by clicking on the image or the view details line.


Catalogue Page

This page contains all information about the individual objects. Production People includes the short or common names of printmakers, inventors and publishers. Full names and dates are shown in a pop-up window appearing above the small blue info icon. The format of biographical details in Production People follows the Oxford Art Online website Similarly, References are given in an abbreviated form, the detailed bibliographical references are shown in a pop-up window appearing above the small blue info icon. High-resolution Images can be enlarged by the small icon in their lower right corner. A smaller proportion of the images can temporarily be found in a maximum size of 800px, but these are changed continuously. In case more images belong to a single record, these are collected under More Pictures. Other Results includes several works previously found during search. Navigation between results can be executed by the buttons in the upper menu. To revise your search, click Back to Search Results. You may print records in a simple html format from the upper menu.


Help us Improve our Records

Should you have any remarks or corrections to a record, please share it in a comment that you can send via Help us Improve our Record.



If you wish to cite any of the records, please refer to authors’ names and catalogue title in the headline of each record, or use the citation line in the printable format that you can download from the upper menu. For example: Andrea Mantegna, Inv. No. 5020, in Zoltán Kárpáti and Eszter Seres, Italian and French Prints before 1620: An On-Line Catalogue, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 2012 » (accessed June 5, 2012)«


Using Images 

To receive digital photo reproductions for publication in any medium, please contact the Reproduction Office at sara.kulcsar (at) szepmuveszeti (dot) hu. In order to grant a reproduction permit and establish a price quote, we need detailed information on the intended use of the image.



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