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Production People
Niccolò Vicentino (Attributed to)artist bio
Vicentino, (Giuseppe) Niccolò
b Vicenza; fl c. 1540 - c. 1550

Ugo da Carpi (Formerly attributed to)artist bio
Carpi [Panico], Ugo da
b Carpi, fl c. 1502-32

Andrea Andreani (Reworked by)artist bio
Andreani, Andrea
b Mantua, 1558-9; d 15 February 1629

Raphael (After)artist bio
Raphael [Santi, Raffaello; Sanzio, Raffaello]
b Urbino, 28 March or 6 April 1483; d Rome, 6 April 1520

Andrea Andreani (Published by)artist bio
Andreani, Andrea
b Mantua, 1558-9; d 15 February 1629
Title / Description
The Miraculous Draught of Fishes
c. 1527-30 and 1609
chiaroscuro woodcut from three blocks in grey
222 x 328 mm (sheet, trimmed)
Inscribed with inventor's name, publisher's address and date lower left: 'RAPHEL VRB/INVEN/AA/In mantoua/1609' and on the verso in pen and ink: '1643/+V'
third state of three
Nikolaus Esterházy (Lugt 1966)
Bartsch XII.37.13 (as Ugo da Carpi, second state of
two) info
Adam Bartsch, Le peintre-graveur, vols. 21, Vienna 1803-21

Pittaluga 1930, pp. 234-35 info
Mary Pittaluga, L'incisione italiana nel Cinquecento, Milan 1930

Oberhuber 1972, p. 126 info
Konrad Oberhuber, Raphaels Zeichnungen IX: Entwürfe zu Werken Raphaels und seiner Schule im Vatikan 1511-12 bis 1520, Berlin 1972

Trotter 1974, pp. 17ff, pp. 101-3 (as Ugo da Carpi) info
William H. Trotter, Chiaroscuro Woodcuts of the Circle of Raphael and Parmigianino: A Study in Reproductive Graphics, PhD Diss., Ann Arbor, University of North Carolina 1974

Servolini 1977, no. 19 info
L. Servolini, Ugo da Carpi. I chiaroscuri e le altre opere, Florence 1977

Goldfarb 1981, p. 311 info
Hilliard T. Goldfarb, 'Chiaroscuro Woodcut Technique and Andrea Andreani,' The Bulletin of the Cleveland Museum of Art 67 (1981), pp. 307-30

Rome 1985, pp. 129-30, no. I.1 (as Ugo da Carpi) info
Grazia Bernini Pezzini, Stefania Massari et al., Raphael invenit: Stampe da Raffaello nelle collezioni dell'Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica, exhibition catalogue, Rome, Calcografia Nazionale 1985

Bloomington and Indianapolis 1989-90, no. 10 (as Ugo da
Carpi, second state of two) info
Beyond Black and White: Chiaroscuro Prints from Indiana Collections, ed. Adelheid M. Gealt, exhibition catalogue, Bloomington, Indiana University Art Museum and Indianapolis, Indianapolis Museum of Art 1989-90

Gnann in Mantua and Vienna 1999, no. 8 (as Ugo da
Carpi) info
Achim Gnann in Raphael und der klassische Stil in Rom: 1515-1527, eds. Konrad Oberhuber and Achim Gnann, exhibition catalogue, Mantua, Palazzo Te and Vienna, Albertina 1999

Höper 2001, no. H 1.1A (as Ugo da Carpi) info
Corinna Höper, Raffael und die Folgen: Das Kunstwerk in Zeitaltern seiner graphischen Reproduzierbarkeit, exhibition catalogue, Stuttgart, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart 2001

Rome, Weimar, and Munich 2001-2, no. 5 (as Ugo da
Carpi) info
Chiaroscuro: Italienische Farbholzschnitte der Renaissance und des Barock, eds. Dieter Graf and Hermann Mildenberger, exhibition catalogue, Rome, Casa di Goethe, Weimar, Kunstsammlungen zu Weimar, and Munich, Haus der Kunst 2001-2

Matile 2003, no. 49 (attributed to Niccolo Vicentino,
third state of three) info
Michael Matile, Italienische Holzschnitte der Renaissance und des Barock, Bestandskatalog der Graphische Sammlung der ETH, Zürich, Basel 2003

Gramaccini and Meier 2009, no. 194 (as Ugo da Carpi) info
Norberto Gramaccini and Hans Jacob Meier, Die Kunst der Interpretation: Italienische Reproduktionsgrafik 1485-1600, Berlin and Munich 2009

Carpi 2009, no. 26 (as Ugo da Carpi, third state of
three) info
Ugo da Carpi, L'opera incisa: Xilografie e chiaroscuri da Tiziano, Raffaello e Parmigianino, ed. Manuela Rossi, Carpi, Palazzo dei Pio 2009

Evans and Browne 2010, no. 1.2 (as Ugo da Carpi) info
Mark Evans and Clare Brown, Raphael: Cartoons and Tapestries for the Sistine Chapel, London 2010

Takahatake 2011, (as Niccolo Vicentino) info
Naoko Takahatake, 'Niccolo Vicentino's Miraculous Draught of Fishes,' Print Quarterly 28 (2011), pp. 256-60

Gnann 2013, no. 45 (as Ugo da Carpi) info
Achim Gnann, In Farbe! Clair-obscur-Holzschnitte der Renaissance aus der Sammlung Baselitz und der Albertina, exhibition catalogue, Albertina, Vienna, 2013
See under inv. no. 6136.
Inventory Number
Prints: Italian: 16th century: Mounted I
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