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Léon Davent (Print made by)artist bio
Davent, Léon [L.D.]
fl 1540-56

Francesco Primaticcio (After)artist bio
Primaticcio, Francesco
b Bologna, 1504-5; d Paris, between 2 March and 14 Sept 1570
Title / Description
The Master of Joseph's House Searching Through his Brothers' Sacks
c. 1546
327 x 431 mm (sheet, trimmed close to platemark)
Inscribed and signed with monogram lower right: 'Bol. inventeur a Fonteinebleau/LD'
Nikolaus Esterházy (Lugt 1966)
Bartsch XVI.331.63 info
Adam Bartsch, Le peintre-graveur, vols. 21, Vienna 1803-21

Herbet I.25.15 info
Felix Herbet, Les graveurs de l'École de Fontainebleau, unchanged reprint of the articles published in the Annales de la Société Historique & Archéologique du Gatinas 1896-1902, Amsterdam 1969

Dimier 1900, p. 488, no. 13 info
Louis Dimier, Le Primatice: Peintre, sculpteur et architecte des rois de France: Essai sur la vie et les ouvrages de cet artiste, suivi d'un catalogue raisonné de ses dessins et de ses compositions gravées, Paris 1900

Zerner 1969, LD.59 info
Henri Zerner, Die Schule von Fontainebleau: Das graphische Werk, Vienna 1969

Paris 1972, no. 381 (entry by Henri Zerner) info
L'École de Fontainebleau, ed. Michel Laclotte, exhibition catalogue, Paris, Grand Palais 1972

Paris 2004, under nos. 123 and 124 (entries by
Dominique Cordellier) info
Primatice: Maître de Fontainebleau, eds. Dominique Cordellier and Bernadette Py, Paris, Musée du Louvre 2004
Related to a lost painting on the fireplace in the Cabinet du Roi at Fontainebleau. Francesco Primaticcio's preparatory drawing in red chalk, for the central group of figures, is preserved in the Uffizi, inv. no. 1488 F. A pen and ink drawing of the whole composition, at the Royal Library, Windsor, inv. no. 5094, had been attributed to Luca Penni by Popham (see Popham and Wilde 1949, no. 682), accorded by Boorsch (in Los Angeles 1994, pp. 87-88, and under no. 51), while Dominique Cordellier in Paris 2004 regards it as Primaticcio's original. There is an anonymous print in reverse after the same composition but with a different background (Bartsch XIV.412.92). For the iconography of the composition, see Cordellier in Paris 2004.
Inventory Number
Prints: French: 16th century: Unmounted
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