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Zoltán Kárpáti and Eszter Seres, Italian and French Prints before 1620
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Production People
Nicolas Beatrizet (Print made by)artist bio
Beatrizet, Nicolas
b Thionville, 1507, or Lunaville, 1515; d Rome, c. 1565

Luca Penni (After)artist bio
Penni, Luca [Romanus]
b Florence, 1500–04; d Paris, 12 April 1557
Title / Description
Henry II, King of France
465 x 316 mm (platemark)
Signed and dated lower left: 'N B/LOT F/1558', lettered around the oval cartouche: 'HENRICVS II GALLORVM/REX CHRISTIANISSIMVS'
second state of two
visible, height: 60 mm, width: 42 mm
Nikolaus Esterházy (not stamped)
Adam Bartsch, Le peintre-graveur, vols. 21, Vienna
1803-21, XV.241.3 (second state of two)
Alexandre P. Robert-Dumesnil, Le peintre-graveur
francais, 11 vols., Paris 1835-71, IX.157.40
Gioconda Albricci, 'Luca Penni e i suoi
incisori,' Rassegna di studi e di notizie 10
(1982), pp. 69-166, no. 1 (second state of two)
Silvia Bianchi, 'Catalogo dell'opera incisa
di Nicola Beatrizet,' Grafica d'arte 14
(2003) 54, pp. 3-12; 14 (2003) 55, pp. 3-12; 14 (2003)
56, pp. 3-12; 15 (2004), 57, pp. 3-13, no. 45 (second
state of two)
On the second state the features of the king had been altered completely, changing his portrait from profile to a three-quarter view. In addition, the date had been altered from 1556 to 1558 and the letters 'P R INV' erased from the plate. The model for the engraving is unknown; Bartsch, as well as Albricci in 1982 attribute the design to Luca Penni. According to Bianchi, the frame is also inspired by Giovanni Medici's portrait by Enea Vico (Bartsch XV.338.254).
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Prints: Italian: 16th century: Mounted I
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Beatrizet, Nicolas (Print made by), Penni, Luca (After), Inv. No. 50014, in Zoltán Kárpáti and Eszter Seres, Italian and French Prints before 1620: An On-Line Catalogue, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 2012 » (accessed 4th of July, 2020) «