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Stefano della Bella (Print made by)artist bio
Bella, Stefano della
b Florence, 17 May 1610; d Florence, July 1664
Title / Description
A Black Cavalier, from the series of Cavaliers negres, polonais et hongrois
c. 1651
186 x 185 mm (platemark)
Signed lower left: 'S. D. Della Bella' and inscribed with publisher's address lower right: 'Cum Priuil Regis'
second state of two
Nikolaus Esterházy (Lugt 1966)
Alexandre de Vesme, revised by Phyllis Dearborn Massar,
Stefano della Bella, New York, 1971, no. 270 (second
state of two)
Stefano della Bella 1610-1664, ed. Joubert, Caroline,
exhibition catalogue, Caen, Musée des Beaux-Arts 1998,
no. 36 (for the series)
Stefano della Bella: Ein Meister der Barockradierung,
ed. Schäfer, Dorit and Vollmer, Angela, exhibition
catalogue, Karlsruhe, Staatliche Kunsthalle 2005, no.
56 (for the series)
A copy of this print dated to 1648 indicates that Della Bella started working on this set in Paris, see Jolanta Talbierska, Stefano della Bella (1610-1664): Etchings from the Collection of the Print Room of the Warsaw University Library, Warsaw 2001, 179 p. Since the plates were preserved in the Collection of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, he probably finished the series after his return to Florence. The French privileges on some of the plates suggests that the artist planned to send them back to Paris. The lavished effect on the first impressions is a characteristic of his style in the early fifties. The series might have inspired Rembrandt's painting of the Polish Rider in Frick Collection, New York.
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Prints: Italian: 17th century: Mounted I
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